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Who We Are

The onslaught of the liberal media has created an America different than the country which our parents and grandparents once enjoyed. Massive debts, fiscal irresponsibility, major energy issues and a litany of social problems cause heartache, frustration and fear for the future of our once great nation. As California residents, the “Bear Flag League” represents a group of highly conservative bloggers who have found themselves forced into defending what once were considered “normal” values.

The Bear Flag League is a consortium of Conservative bloggers who are current or former residents of the State of California. We enjoy the camaraderie of our fellow Left Coast bloggers and the spirit and struggle of being in the minority as Conservatives living awash in a sea of Liberals.

We come from all walks of life. Some of us are active in the political circuit while other are simply helping to lend their voices to the call for action above indifference, mediocrity and social foolishness.

Many of those represented as members of our group consider themselves neither Republican or Democrat. And while the Tea Party has gained favor in recent years, others of our group do not fully embrace the Tea Party’s basic movement. However, we are united the the cause of conservatism for America and for the State of California.

We recognize that the state of California has been a great example of failure in many ways and we recognize this fiscal failure could become a spreading disease nationwide which we intend to thwart to the best of our abilities.

Application for Membership

Interested in joining the Bear Flag League? Are you a conservative thinker who is a current or former resident of California? Joining is easy. Contact us for consideration and to add a link to your blog.

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